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Common Oral Surgery Questions We Get From Our Patients

I am super anxious about my surgery. I am normal? YES! No one comes into our office jumping for joy about having Oral Surgery, but we pride ourselves on making each patient’s unique experience a positive one. We do everything that we can to ease your worries and we take pride in the fact that […]

Rules To Follow For A Successful Oral Surgery Recovery

Rest! Rest! Rest! The most important part of a successful recovery is to make sure that you give your body the rest it needs. We find it best that you give yourself 3-4 days of downtime, and 1 week off strenuous physical activity after surgery. You may be feeling pretty good day 2 or 3, […]

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy Over The Holidays

Try to limit or avoid sticky, or sugary food and drinks. These tend to take longer to break down and will leave more sugar in your mouth, which can lead to cavities and decay. If you do partake in holiday treats, brush your teeth if you can after. This is in addition to your regular […]

Why Is Your Office Still Following COVID Protocol?

In today’s blog we want to talk about why our office is still closely following COVID guidelines and why. The main reason is Dr. Rendulich takes his responsibility to keep his patients and staff as safe as possible very seriously. We know that just about everyone want things to be back to “normal” (trust us, […]

Home Care Instructions After Oral Surgery

The “Pink Sheet” When it comes to giving our patients after care instructions, we have got you covered! We always verbally go over how to take care of you or your loved one after surgery and send you home with what we call our “Pink Sheet”. Think of it as a step-by- step guide for […]

Importance Of New Patient Paperwork

Hello from Becky at the Front Desk at Dr. Rendulich‘s office! Welcome to our practice! Today, I want to talk about how beneficial it is to both us and you to fill out your New Patient Paperwork online prior to your appointment. I thought I would go over why it is something we ask of […]

Our New Blog!

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