Common Oral Surgery Questions We Get From Our Patients

I am super anxious about my surgery. I am normal?

Image of A Patient Working with StaffYES! No one comes into our office jumping for joy about having Oral Surgery, but we pride ourselves on making each patient’s unique experience a positive one. We do everything that we can to ease your worries and we take pride in the fact that our staff is very compassionate and caring. Dr. Rendulich always says “The patient in the chair is the most important” and we really take that to heart when it comes to your care.

How long will my surgery take?

The length of time you will be here in the office depends on the procedure and whether you are being sedated for the surgery. For most wisdom teeth surgeries, you are usually here for about 2 hours with the actual surgery lasting approximately 1 hour. If you are having multiple procedures such as dental implants with bone grafts, you may be in our office a little longer.

How much time off will I need after my surgery?

We recommend 2-3 days of downtime for most procedures and then a week off strenuous physical activity. So, nothing that gets your heart rate up for the week after which can delay the healing process.

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Please keep in mind these instructions are meant for patients of record.

Is rinsing after my surgery really that important?

YES! It is very important to follow the directions we give you for rinsing after surgery. You will not begin to rinse until 24 hour post-op. If you start before that time, you risk the chance of dislodging the clot that is trying to form in the extraction site. This can lead to a dry socket, which is when there is exposed bone in the extraction site, and it can be a very painful experience. Keeping up with your recommended rinsing will help keep the surgical sites clean and help flush out any food or debris that tend to collect there.

What’s the best way to deal with the pain after surgery?

Based on your surgery, Dr. Rendulich may send a prescription pain medication to your pharmacy. It is up to you whether you choose to use the prescription or stick to an over-the-counter method of pain management.  We find that Combo Therapy (the use of 2 alternating over the counter medications) works very well after Oral Surgery. Typically, day 3 or 4 post surgery may be your worst day for pain and swelling, so don’t be alarmed if that happens. It is a normal part of the recovery process.

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Please keep in mind these instructions are meant for patients of record.