New to the Area and Need to Finish Dental Implant Placement?

If you started the dental implant process somewhere else and moved to the Huntersville, NC area, you may have difficulty finding an implant specialist willing to complete your treatment plan. Switching care providers in the midst of any procedure, particularly an invasive one that can take several months to complete, is stressful. Still, you do not want to skip any of the steps needed to ensure your dental implant treatment plan is successful.

1.   Find the Right Oral Surgeon

Oral surgeons should always be your first choice for dental implant placement, particularly if you have started the implant process. If bone grafts or tissue grafts are needed, an oral surgeon can provide the highest level of care due to their additional education, training, and experience. Dr. Rendulich has been placing implants successfully for over twenty years.

Every dental implant procedure is unique, as is every patient. Look for an oral surgeon who can provide care that meets or exceeds the standard of care provided by the dentist or surgeon who began your treatment. We offer a complete range of anesthesia options and have registered nurses on staff to ensure we can meet any unexpected circumstances professionally and safely.

2.   Request Your Records from Your Previous Surgeon or Dentist

If you are new to the area, be sure to bring your dental records, x-rays, and digital images from your current or previous dentist or oral surgeon. If you prefer, we can provide a release form in our office for you to fill out and sign. We will then request your records and notify you when we’ve received them.

3.   Arrange for a Consultation

Dr. Rendulich is available for an initial consultation to review the status of your dental implant placement and determine the best way to complete your care. Dr. Rendulich will do a thorough exam, review your medical records, and explain the steps needed to complete your dental implant placement safely. If you have any questions or concerns, this is the time to ask.

4.   Understand the Need for a Coordinated Transition of Care

After evaluating where you are in your dental implant journey, Dr. Rendulich will, with your permission, reach out to your previous dentist or surgeon to discuss the details of your care. This allows us to ensure there are no unexpected complications or unaddressed issues before we begin your new treatment plan. There may be minor delays in initiating or completing certain procedures, but this is for your safety and a successful implant procedure that will last for decades.

If you started the dental implant process somewhere else and moved to this area, we are ready and happy to help. Don’t let your relocation stop you from getting the dental restoration you deserve. Contact our office today to learn how we can help and schedule a consultation with Dr. Rendulich.

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