Why Is Your Office Still Following COVID Protocol?

Image of woman wearing a protective face maskIn today’s blog we want to talk about why our office is still closely following COVID guidelines and why. The main reason is Dr. Rendulich takes his responsibility to keep his patients and staff as safe as possible very seriously.

We know that just about everyone want things to be back to “normal” (trust us, so do we!), but our office must follow more stringent guidelines from the CDC because we do aerosolized procedures. What is an aerosolized procedure? It is when tiny particles can go into the air while using a dental drill, or any kind of aerosol, which we often do during surgeries.

Of course, we use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and HEEPA filters in our surgery rooms. We also follow strict sterilization standards to continue our commitment to everyone’s safety. So, rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to keep you and your family safe!

That is why when you make an appointment with our office, we will go through a COVID screening, take your temperature, and make sure that you have a mask to enter our office. I promise, we are not trying to be difficult, we just want to protect everyone to the best of our ability!

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