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To all of our Patients and their families,

During these uncertain times I want to reach out personally to assure you that we are doing everything possible to keep you and your loved ones safe.  Even though many things are changing in the way Dentistry and Oral Surgery are practiced, our office has had to change minimally to meet these new recommendations.

I am speaking specifically to our office’s commitment to your care and well being.  We have always followed the CDC, OSHA and ADA guidelines when it comes to the way we treat and care for our patients.   We have always adopted the highest level of their recommendations for infection control even before the current pandemic made them mandatory-we have ALWAYS worn full length disposable gown for every surgery.   We always use the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and change it after each patient and our sterilization procedures are strictly tested and recorded.  Because we are a small office with a dedicated team, our focus has always been on quality of care, not quantity, so limited patient flow has never been an issue. These are just some of the ways in which we have always made sure we are protecting our patients and staff to the highest standards. 

If you are new to our office, welcome and thank you for choosing to see us in regards to your care.  If you are an existing patient, we are so thankful that you are back.  When you come in for your appointment, you will see some changes and new procedures we have put in place:

  • Patient Covid-19 pre-screen before any appointments are scheduled.
  • We are no longer using our waiting room, and will have every patient wait in their car until their specific room is ready and they have again been given the Covid-19 symptoms checklist.
  • All patients are required to wear masks while inside the office and our staff is wearing N95 masks.
  • Temperature checks at the door before a patient is allowed into the office.
  • Every employee is given a daily temperature check and a Covid-19 symptom screening.
  • HEPA filters in each surgery room.
  • 2 week post op Covid-19 status check for every patient

I hope that this letter finds you all well and adapting to these changing times. It has been my honor to practice in the Lake Norman area for the last 15 years, and I look forward to taking care of many of you and your family members for years to come.


Stephen A. Rendulich, DDS

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