Post-Operative Instructions For Sinus Precautions

Home Care Instructions for Sinus Procedures

Healing Timeline for Sinus Exposure

After surgery, there may be a communication between the sinus and mouth, which can lead to slow and challenging healing. Follow the precautions below diligently to support healing.

Take Prescriptions as Directed

Follow your prescribed medication regimen.

Avoid Forceful Spitting

Refrain from forcefully spitting for several days.

No Smoking

Avoid smoking for several days to aid healing.

Avoid Using Straws

Do not use a straw for a few days.

Nasal Precautions

Refrain from forcefully blowing your nose for at least two weeks. Use over-the-counter nasal decongestants if needed.

Minimize Sneezing

Try not to sneeze; if necessary, keep your mouth open to reduce sinus pressure.

Dietary Considerations

Consume only soft foods for several days, chewing on the opposite side of your mouth.

Gentle Rinsing

Do not rinse vigorously for several days. Use gentle saltwater swishes if necessary.

Managing Bleeding

Mild bleeding from the nose may occur for several days after surgery. Keep our office informed of any changes, especially if you experience increased drainage or pain. Attend all follow-up appointments until the complication resolves.


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