A frenectomy is a surgical procedure performed by   our oral surgeon in Huntersville, NC, that involves the removal of the frenulum, a small fold of tissue in the mouth that connects the lips to the gums or the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This procedure is typically performed to correct issues such as speech impediments, difficulty with breastfeeding or bottle feeding in infants, restricted tongue movement, or to facilitate orthodontic treatment.

Frenectomies are essential as they can alleviate discomfort and improve functionality, allowing for proper speech, feeding, and oral hygiene. Additionally, they can prevent future dental problems and contribute to overall oral health and well-being. 

Suitable Candidates for Frenectomy

  • Infants struggling with breastfeeding due to tongue-tie 
  • Individuals experiencing speech impediments caused by restricted tongue movement 
  • Children or adults with difficulty articulating certain sounds or lisping 
  • Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment hindered by tight labial frenulum 
  • Individuals with gum recession or diastema due to tight labial frenulum 
  • Anyone experiencing discomfort or pain caused by tension in the oral frenula 
  • Those seeking to improve overall oral hygiene and prevent future dental complications 
  • Individuals aiming to enhance their confidence and quality of life by addressing oral health issues 

Types of Frenectomy Procedures 

Lingual Frenectomy 

The lingual frenulum beneath the tongue can sometimes be abnormally short or tight, known as ankyloglossia or tongue tie. A lingual frenectomy involves the surgical removal or modification of this frenulum by our oral surgeon at The Center For Oral Surgery & Dental Implants to alleviate restrictions on tongue movement. This procedure is crucial for infants struggling with breastfeeding, individuals experiencing speech impediments, and those facing challenges with oral hygiene due to limited tongue mobility. 

During a lingual frenectomy, the surgeon carefully identifies the lingual frenulum and makes a precise incision to release the tethered tongue. This can be accomplished using traditional surgical techniques or advanced technologies such as lasers. The goal is to improve the range of motion and function of the tongue while minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues. 

Labial Frenectomy 

The labial frenulum, which connects the upper lip to the gums, can contribute to oral health issues when excessively tight or abnormally positioned. Labial frenectomy is commonly recommended for individuals experiencing gum recession, orthodontic challenges, or speech impediments due to tension between the lip and gums. 

During a labial frenectomy, the surgeon carefully identifies the labial frenulum and makes a precise incision to release the tension. Similar to lingual frenectomy, this procedure can be performed using traditional surgical techniques or lasers. The surgeon aims to alleviate discomfort and improve oral function and aesthetics by removing or modifying the labial frenulum. 

Maxillary Frenectomy 

Maxillary frenectomy targets the frenulum between the upper jaw's central incisors. A tight or aberrant maxillary frenulum can contribute to a diastema or gap between the front teeth, gum recession, and orthodontic challenges. This procedure is often performed in combination with orthodontic treatment or cosmetic procedures to optimize oral aesthetics and function. 

During a maxillary frenectomy, the surgeon carefully identifies the maxillary frenulum and makes a precise incision to release the tension. The procedure may involve traditional surgical techniques or lasers for enhanced precision and minimal discomfort. The procedure aims to correct any associated oral health issues and optimize treatment outcomes by addressing the maxillary frenulum. 

The Benefits of Frenectomy 

Improved Speech Articulation 

A tight or aberrant frenulum, particularly the lingual frenulum beneath the tongue, can restrict tongue movement and hinder proper speech articulation. Frenectomy surgery in Huntersville, NC, releases this restriction, allowing for greater tongue mobility and improved speech clarity. Children and adults experience enhanced communication skills and increased confidence following the procedure. 

Enhanced Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding 

For infants with ankyloglossia, commonly known as tongue-tie, breastfeeding can be challenging due to limited tongue mobility. Frenectomy surgery offers a solution by releasing the tethered tongue, enabling infants to latch onto the breast more effectively and extract milk efficiently. Similarly, bottle feeding becomes less cumbersome, fostering a positive feeding experience for both mother and baby. Contact us to explore various options for financing your treatments.

Optimal Oral Hygiene 

A tight labial or lingual frenulum can impede proper oral hygiene practices, leading to plaque accumulation, gum inflammation, and an increased risk of dental decay. Frenectomy surgery removes this barrier, allowing individuals to brush and floss without hindrance thoroughly. Improved oral hygiene promotes gum health, reduces the incidence of cavities, and contributes to long-term oral wellness. 

Prevention of Dental Complications 

Left untreated, conditions such as tongue-tie and tight labial frenulum can give rise to dental complications such as malocclusion, gum recession, and tooth misalignment. Frenectomy surgery addresses the underlying issues, preventing the development of these secondary problems and promoting optimal dental alignment and occlusion. By addressing oral health concerns early on, patients can avoid more extensive dental interventions in the future. 

Enhanced Orthodontic Treatment Outcomes 

Orthodontic treatment relies on proper tooth alignment and jaw function to achieve optimal results. A tight frenulum can exert undue pressure on the teeth, impeding orthodontic progress and compromising treatment outcomes. Frenectomy surgery removes this impediment, allowing orthodontists to achieve better tooth alignment, reduce treatment duration, and enhance overall treatment efficiency. 

Frenectomy surgery offers many benefits, impacting oral health and overall well-being. Visit The Center For Oral Surgery & Dental Implants at 9713 Northcross Center Court, Suite 100, Huntersville, NC 28078, or call (704) 875-8833 to discuss your options and determine if frenectomy is right for you. Don't let tongue-tie, speech impediments, or other oral health issues hold you back. 


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