What To Ask Before You Get Dental Implants

Why Should You Have an Oral Surgeon Place Your Dental Implants?

Is the doctor that is doing your implants Board Certified?

Dr. Rendulich is Dual Board Certified in Oral Surgery and Dental Anesthesia. As an Oral Surgeon he is a surgical specialist in the field of Dentistry. Oral Surgeons were the first to place Dental Implants.

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How much experience does your doctor have in placing implants?

Dr. Rendulich has been placing Dental Implants for over 20 years. He has placed thousands of implants during the span of his professional career, which has allowed him to gain valuable experience in many different scenarios that can’t be learned by taking weekend courses.

Does your doctor use the latest technology when placing your implants?

Dr. Rendulich uses his own CT (Cone Beam) scans and a personalized diagnostic plan with specific implant treatment planning software to insure that each patient’s Dental Implants are placed to fit their unique situation.

What type of Dental Implant does your doctor use?

Dr. Rendulich only uses the highest quality, premium Dental Implants for his patient’s cases. Premium implants such as Straumann and Astra have years of clinical innovation and data to support their proprietary technology. He does not use off or discount brands that may interfere with the integrity of a patient’s outcome. These companies often have very limited research to support their design, and Dr. Rendulich only places implants that he would personally want used if he were getting a dental implant himself.

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